About Baza

BAZA (eng. base) is an artistic and social venue, opened in early 2016. It is designed as a programme and production area aimed at the production of contemporary art, education and activism. That is why we named it BAZA, because we wanted to make clear that this is a place for the production of both art works and art discourse, with respect to the conditions in which they arise.

In BAZA, we continue with our regular programmes, but also develop new ones, focused on the neighbourhood and its locals. As a space resource, BAZA is open to activist initiatives and organisations.

The venue is owned by the state, and has been assigned to us through an open tender. It is located in the Zagreb neighbourhood of Trešnjevka, on 11 Božidar Adžija Street, it is 74 m2 large, and is divided into three separate spaces: presentational, workshop/research and office space.