installation in public space (five illustrated objects)
Park Stara Trešnjevka

Opening: Thursday April 26 2018, 18:00

The installation will remain in the Park until July 16 2018.

In his series ‘Podravski motivi’ (Motifs of Podravina), published in the form of a book in 1933, Krsto Hegedušić lay bare social reality as a relationship between classes. First in the village – as a relationship between field labourers and landowners, merchants and peasants; and then in the city, where the peasantry of Podravina went looking for jobs and got acquainted with new figures: bosses, construction site supervisors, gentry, benevolent ladies with necks wrapped in furs. The artist’s stance was revealed in the selection of scenes and details: the drawing was preceded by careful observation, and his keen eye saw the buckle on the dandy’s shoe, the rural architecture of planks and tarpaulin cobbled together, and a patch on the sleeve of the boy accused of skulduggery.

In their series ‘Trešnjevački motivi’ (Motifs of Trešnjevka) Rena and Vladan’s eyes are guided by the same principles. The painstaking exploration of the dense and varied urban structure of Trešnjevka serves as the basis for five triptychs of drawings and verses, with the motifs of an old house, public kitchen, casino, eviction and an outlet store. In a number of recognizable details, they are typical of Trešnjevka, but when viewed as a whole they reveal themselves as universal to many peripheries of post-socialist cities [...]




29/03 – 19/04/2018

The starting point of Marina Paulenka’s one-year field work is the examination of the politics of institutional housing of the elderly in the era of the welfare state’s intense transformation. How is eldercare organized under austerity measures and intense re-traditionalization? What does it mean to be old and infirm? The artist explores these questions through the immediate experience of coexisting in a collectively organized care community – the only public retirement home in Trešnjevka. She visits the micro-location during the time designated for socialization and the creation of quality everyday life, from 9 to 12 in the morning, when the residents exercise, play instruments, knit, draw, and so on. Through her presence in the community, Marina Paulenka enriches its artistic activities and listens to the residents’ (often retold) stories during the fragile process of growing close to them [...]



David Kerr: A noose around your neck until you die
Ina Wudtke: The Fine Art of Living

5 October - 3 November 2017
BAZA, B. Adžije 11, Zagreb

opening and guided tour by the artists: Thursday October 5 2017, at 7 p.m.

working hours: Tuesday - Friday 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. / Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Saturday, 14th of October 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

We conclude this year's season of Artists for Neighbourhood with an exhibition by two artists who put the housing issue at the center of their artistic interest and political engagement. David Kerr and Ina Wudtke looked for the causes and consequences of the housing problem at local examples of Glasgow and Berlin, linking the housing crisis to processes of urban transformation that reveal its deep political and economic roots [...]





Gimnazija dr. Ivana Kranjčeva, Đurđevac
April – June 2018

Podravina has made a name for itself in local art history as the centre of naïve art, an art movement started by painter Krsto Hegedušić some 90 years ago. Although we tend to think of them in terms of landscapes, naïve painters have, not at all naïvely, often made record of the characteristic lifestyle of the periphery. Despite the fact that Podravina has seen profound changes since, the centralization of local cultural production suggests that we should follow in the footsteps of Krsto Hegedušić, albeit to the beat of modern times and contemporary artistic idiom [...]




Tehnička škola Zagreb
February – April 2018

One of the first films in history depicts the arrival of a train to the station, and the cult children’s film referenced in the title (lit. ‘A Train in the Snow’) has immortalized journeying by train as a metaphor for youthful togetherness and coming of age. Both films serve as starting points for the workshop, which brings together learning the basics of film language and participating in the creation of a documentary film. The workshop includes an introduction to film genres and forms, cinematography techniques and shooting practice, teamwork on developing the synopsis and screenplay for the joint production of the documentary, as well as field work [...]





Islamska gimnazija dr. Ahmet Smajlović
February – April 2018

The HASANAGINICA 2.0 workshop takes one of the most famous ballads of oral tradition as its starting point. The ballad came into existence in Imotska krajina, then the Eyalet of Bosnia, and its final form was recorded in Fortis’ Travels into Dalmatia in 1774, arousing great interest in Romantic poets and taking its place in the flourishing corpus of world literature. The text of Hasanaginica will serve as a literary template for the creation of drawings, collages and graphics which will employ artistic tools in dealing with the ballad’s main motifs. The resulting artworks, contemporary interpretations of the ballad, will be published as the Hasanaginica 2.0 art book [...]