one-day radio station

June 13, 2017

93.9 MHz, broadcasting from Adžijina 11

In the context of the crisis in reporting, the explosion of fake news and the narrowing of the existing field of radio reducing it to entertainment industry, the very premise of radio art  becomes a challenge. That is why we are launching a pilot edition of Radio BAZA that brings together a number of artists, radiophonists, researchers, activists, musicians and the local community at Zagreb's Trešnjevka, insisting on the return to the original promise of this media.

We use the radio media as a tool for spreading critical thinking about the contemporary housing problem, but also as a space for radiophonic and art experiments. We approach the issue of housing from a feminist perspective, placing into focus the kitchen as a place of exploitation of women. We talk about the problem of invisible household work with the members of the feminist collective F.AKTIV. With historian Tamara Bjažić Klarin, we discern the ground plans of Zagreb’s kitchens and their connection with the regressive, but also progressive understanding of the role of women in society. Between the talks, we listen to experimental-documentary vignettes from Trešnjevka kitchens, feminist poetry and feminist music. On the waves of Radio BAZA, we will hear a diary of activist Ljerka, who, from 1943 to 1945, regularly broadcasted partisan radio from one of Trešnjevka’s attics. A woman is also the main protagonist of the poem Hedgehog’s home, which is performed, rustled and played live from Adžijina.

Listen to us at 93.9 Mhz!


16.00 official start of broadcasting

16.00 - 17.30 poetic-music-documentary programme: radio miniatures, reading feminist poetry, sound mapping of Trešnjevka, talk with architectural historian Tamar Bjažić Klarin, live performance on guitar

17.30 - 18.15 On the kitchen and vulgar odors / audio essay

18.15 - 19.45 poetry programme: reading feminist poetry

18.45 - 19.30 interview with the feminist collective F.AKTIV / first block

19.30 - 19.50 drama programme: Hedgehog’s home / live performance

19.50 - 20.30 interview with the feminist collective F.AKTIV / second block

20.30 - 21.00 poetic-music-documentary programme: reading feminist poetry, vignettes from the kitchen, musical excursions

21.00 - 21.15 live performance of Saša Nestorović and Maro Market "Powerful set"

21.15 - 21.40 Trešnjevka diaries: Ljerka Kirac-Dulčić

21.40 - 22.10 listening to feminist music with DJ Zmajac / first block

22.10 - 22.20 experimental-documentary miniatures: vignettes from the kitchen

22.20 - 22.50 listening to feminist music with DJ Zmajac / second block

22.50 - 23.20 each is one, a radio documentary

23.20 - 23.45 listening to feminist music with DJ Zmajac / third block

23.45 end of live programme

00.00 Montažstroj on the Radio BAZA: Cyanide, radio drama (production: Montažstroj)

CONCEPT: Ljubica Letinić and [BLOK] / Vesna Vuković, Ivana Hanaček and Ana Kutleša

PARTICIPANTS: Marija Ćaćić / DJ Zmajac, ensemble of the Radio that used to work here before (Martin Ljudevit Mandir, Andreja Pančur, Ivana Pejić, Tamara Damjanović, Matea Grgurinović, Hrvoje Korbar, Maro Market, Srđan Nogić, Antonija Bačić, Vedran Živković, Tin Dožić, Nina Bajsić and Dalibor Piskrec), Damir Prđun, Viktorija Novosel, Jelena Božić, Saša Nestorović and many others

GUESTS: F.AKTIV, Tamara Bjažić Klarin, Montažstroj

Radio BAZA is part of the programme Artists for Neighbourhood 2, which is financed by the Foundation “Kultura Nova”, Ministry of Culture and City Office for Education, Culture and Sports.