The exhibition deals with the domination of Austrian banks in Croatia, and the effects on both Croatian and Austrian society, as an example of the so-called transitional processes in post-socialist countries. It is a result of the collaboration between two multimedia artists, Isa Rosenberger and Kristina Leko. In their work to date, whether it be exhibitions, experimental or documentary films or happenings, both artists share a tendency to collaborate with different social groups and individuals. They are interested in personal experiences, stories, competence, knowledge and points of view – and the ways they interact with the general historical and political situation.

The topic of money was chosen as a starting point and focus of artistic research within the framework of the Money etc. project, as it is precisely within the economic field that the transitional process of a former socialist society into a capitalist oriented society can be tracked particularly well. Beyond the economic examination and on the productive basis of art as a “specific stage for ideas”, we are attempting to find an appropriate artistic form for this complex and politically charged issue.

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