Film programme EGG OF COLUMBUS, 2nd screening

curator: Petra Belc

Tuesday, June 28 2016, 8 pm
Božidara Adžije Street 11second screening


Četverodimenzionalna kuća [Four-dimensional House] (1982), 9′, d: Mirjana Božin
Concrete Stories (2014), 52', d: Lorenz Findeisen
A poetic-structural story of a woman, with references to the hypercube of the Canadian experimentalist and animator Norman McLaren, is opposed to multiple stories of citizens of Europe, whose homes lay in concrete blocks of standardized residential buildings. Four-dimensional house (1982) by poet Mirjana Božin describes, in meditative film processes, the interior of the author's room and the emotion of the private sphere, while in the Concrete stories (2014) the director Lorenz Findeisen deals with confessions of different inhabitants of identical socialist homes, weaving a network of the economic and political-historical reasons that led to the construction of a uniform type of socialist neighbourhood. "Everything is the same, only the furniture is different," one of the protagonists of the Concrete stories will say, while in the announcement for the film the director states: "Very soon, our socialist revolution will begin in your own living room." (Petra Belc)